St Albans
Business Centre

Need a St Albans office?

St Albans Business Centre is a community of five offices in the heart of St Albans. It's been going for over 30 years.

Our St Albans offices can be let for as long as you want them: from a couple of months to many years.

You get the benefits of your own office, but running costs like broadband are shared. And there's a ready made network of fellow entrepreneurs to offer advice and help.

If you want office space in St Albans with the possibility of a long-term stay - but no commitment - our offices are ideal.

Offices are available, please call Marion on
0794 4747766.

Our office


In the heart of St Albans

Offices near the town centre and it's banks and shops.

A few minutes walk from St Albans station - from where you can reach London in around 20 minutes.

Easy parking and access by car to the M1 and M25.

SEE A MAP of our offices in St Albans.